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Floor cleaner

Floor cleaning robot

Two games: Pong and Driver

Pong and Driver played on LCD screen.


Semi-automatic gun with a movable turret controlled by hand movements. Robot uses acceleration sensor made by me.


Robot that hands out flyers. Project realized during my internship in the Creative Space company.

Edge Avoider

Simple robot that drives in random direction and avoids edges of a table or a black line.

Tape reader

Reads bits from a tape - text and music.


Robot seeks the shortest route in a maze.

Rope Climber

Robot that climbs up a hanging rope.

Linefollower v2

Improved Linefollower tracking thin black line with just one light sensor.


Linefollower with only one color sensor following tri-color line.


True flamethrower on tracks searching & destroying every target it finds.

3D Scanner

Three-dimensional objects scanner. In collects data needed to recreate an object on a computer.


That robot seeks for light and drives towards it. It can also follow a moving light source.

Real-steering car

It's a vehicle with steering just like in a regular car.

Crane - model

It's a robot that simulates a real crane. It can extend its boom length and turn around.


This robot scans a given piece of paper and displays the result on the LCD screen.

US Labyrinth Solver

The task was to drive through a labyrinth without hitting walls and this robot does it using rotating ultrasonic sensor.