Floor cleaner

This is a simple, yet very functional robot built as a part of after-school lessons that I've been giving recently. Its job is to drive in various directions and clean the floor using a piece of rotating cloth.

The most important piece of this assembly is the cleaning device. It provides a simple mechanism for attaching any kind of cloth that will be used for cleaning or dusting. The rotation is achieved with one motor directly attached to it. You can stop it by pressing an additional button (touch sensor) on the robot.

When there is no obstacles in front, the robot drives straight, but when something is detected with ultrasonic sensor, the robot turns right to avoid it. A color sensor indicated the current state of the robot.

I was amazed that something that took only 2h to build will give so much fun for me and my pupil. He was playing with it for several weeks :)



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To watch pictures in this gallery you need special red-cyan anaglyph glasses. They are to buy in many Internet stores for less than 1$.

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i would like to know the codes please.... thank u

Posted by: Anonymous | 2017-05-27

czy gziekolwiek na tej stronie jest instrykcja>?

Posted by: lol | 2016-10-29

Robot super ,ale jak go zbudowańá?!

Posted by: kisiek2005 | 2016-04-23

I used only standard components available in the 2.0 set.

Posted by: admin | 2014-08-11

i loved your project. can i have more information about the types of components used?

Posted by: prajakta | 2014-08-10

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