Floor cleaner

For long I had nothing new to show here until I built this little robot. It takes only 2h to came up with the construction but gives much more fun in return. Why don't you try it?


Two games - Pong and Driver

Two very simple games for the NXT-brick's LCD screen. No additional components required. No building. Just download the program and play!


Remote controlled cannon

Simple robot utilizing both of my sensors - accelerometer and bargraph. The turret aims according to position of the remote and the remaining amount of bullets is displayed on the bargraph. Finally those sensors were put into some use!


Flyerbot - robot giving flyers away

Project carried out during my month internship in the Creative Space company. This robot hands out flyers in the most attractive way I could think of. Fairly complex project which turned out to be a huge success.


Bargraph - control 10 LEDs from your program

This is a very simple electronic circuit that allows you to control 8 LEDs from your program and 2 other LEDs manually. It's particulary usefull when LCD is not enough.


Edge Avoider - robot that avoids edges of a table or a black line

What can I do having half a day off? Of course - build a new robot! This ultra-simple one drives in random direction on a table and tries to avoid falling off the edge. It can easily be adjusted so that it stays inside an area surrounded by black tape. See what you can build and program in just an hour!


Accelerometer & Magnetometer - custom made sensor

I proudly present to you my custom made accelerometer & magnetometer. The sensor was build using LSM303DLH chip and adopted to use with Lego. Now it is possible to measure robot's exact position in space and to steer very accurately. The total cost was 3 times lower than any comercially available sensor for Lego. It was definetely worth building. Read more to see examples of use and detailed description.


Tape reader - Sequential access memory

This robot reads binary data from a tape that is moving very quickly underneath it. Then it presents information in a form of text on the screen or music from speakers. Read more to see how it plays Beethoven!