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please do you have this code in the NXT-G

Dodane przez: ushe | 2011-11-15

I tried to use the brick command center but when I click on compile program, it gives me some errors like ',' expected or math factor expected, how can I manage it?

Dodane przez: Focus | 2011-09-20

Program code for my robots is available for everyone for free. Good luck!

Dodane przez: Admin | 2011-09-14

Thanks a lot for your explanation, I'm trying to reproduce your robot, can I use also your program code? I'm not so skilled as you :)

Dodane przez: Focus | 2011-09-13

Lego Mindstorms software won't recognize it. You should use Bricx Command Center to compile and upload it to your robot. This software is available in Links section at the bottom of this page.

Dodane przez: Admin | 2011-09-12

Nice work, but how did you put the program inside the robot? Do I have to open it with the NXT Lego Mindstorm software?

Dodane przez: Focus | 2011-09-11

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