Comments to the Floor cleaner project

i would like to know the codes please.... thank u

Posted by: Anonymous | 2017-05-27

czy gziekolwiek na tej stronie jest instrykcja>?

Posted by: lol | 2016-10-29

Robot super ,ale jak go zbudowańá?!

Posted by: kisiek2005 | 2016-04-23

I used only standard components available in the 2.0 set.

Posted by: admin | 2014-08-11

i loved your project. can i have more information about the types of components used?

Posted by: prajakta | 2014-08-10

to prawda

Posted by: 123kubaj321 | 2013-12-05

nie ma instrukcji budowania

Posted by: kuba123456789 | 2013-12-02

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