Krzysztof KapustaMy name is Krzysztof Kapusta and I'm a student of Robotics and Automatics at the University of Science and Technology (AGH) in Cracow, Poland. My interest in robotics started just three years before the studies. It combined everything I like: creating your own constructions, programming and electrical engineering.

The first robot I've made is a humanoid robot I-Droid. I bought it in parts with a magazine and assembled on my own. It was fun to build it and then play with it. In the same time I started writing my very first programmes. Quickly mastered the basics of C++, which freed me from graphical programming environments. The robot, though sold in parts, proved to be extremely powerful. A huge advantage was that I was building it from single pieces. In this way I know all the mechanisms that enable the robot to move.

I started being interested in LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT ® in 2010; and I decided to buy the kit. At the beginning I made only simple robots described in the manual in the box. Then, when I knew the rules, I tried creating my own projects. The language environment Bricx CC made it a lot easier because I could use NXC, similar to C, to make my robots move and interact. Where do I get new ideas for new projects? Sometimes I have a brainwave, sometimes I find an interesting construction in the Internet and I try to improve it. Recently I've been getting suggestions from people reading this website.

My designs were not very advanced at first, but as I learn new functionalities of Lego and NXC, I create more intresting ones. Feel free to browse already completed projects here and be a regular guest to this website!